Steel Campy equipped bike for under a grand - can it be done?

by Pimpmaster Jazz   November 18, 2008  

A good friend is retiring his old Cannondale and wants to return to his roots, but can't justify breaking the four figure barrier.

A few of us have looked around to see what's available, but haven't found much.

Sooo - does anyone else have any recommendations or ideas?


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posted by purplecup [232 posts]
18th November 2008 - 18:12


...but it kind of depends what kind of sort of bike you want, and you might need to build it yourself i guess. You can get something like a Planet X Kaffenback frame for less than £200, and Veloce 08 full groupsets can be had for £250 or so. Add some wheels (Fulcrum Racing 5s or Campy Ventos are £150 or so) and a carbon fork for £150. You'd have £250 left for your bars and saddle and stuff, which is plenty. if i can do the math. but it's not the most exciting starting point, the kaffenback. anyone got a better idea for a sub £300 steel frame?

Other options are maybe a framebuilder? Dave Yates' Prima frame is £489 and as he can do you a full build, you might scrape under a grand. depends how much he gets the bits for Smile

Most of the nice classic steel machines are a bit more though. The Bianchi Dolomiti is £1499, you might get one for less if you shop around, but you're not going to get it for £1k



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posted by Dave Atkinson [7711 posts]
18th November 2008 - 18:36

0 Likes"> It's steel, and it just sneaks in at under a grand with Mirage, and a tad over with Veloce

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posted by Tony Farrelly [4178 posts]
18th November 2008 - 22:06

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Or you could try a framebuilder like Argos 

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posted by Tony Farrelly [4178 posts]
18th November 2008 - 22:28


Yeah that condor looks like a better bet than getting all the bits in yourself - nice looking bike. B)

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posted by cactuscat [305 posts]
19th November 2008 - 0:06


Many thanks guys.

The Condor has already been noted, but I hadn't considered Argos.

I have to admit to being an MTBer most of the time so am not too up to speed with what's available on the skinnier side of life at the mo - didn't know if one of the big guys had a Mirage or similar equipped steed on the market.

I shall have a looksee!

Me? Behind the bike sheds? With a young lady and a tube of grease? With my reputation?

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posted by Pimpmaster Jazz [17 posts]
19th November 2008 - 12:50


I tipped *just* over £1k with my Salsa Casseroll. Butted steel and built up with Campag Veloce infinte, Deda bars/stem/post and Mavic OpenPro rims (I put everything together).

Worth a look as these frames can be built up almost any way you like (big clearance and long horizontal dropouts), and mine is geared with full muguards.

Certainly covers the ground well, and the relaxed angles have meant I've kept the stem shortish (90mm) to keep the steering sharp.

Works for me.


posted by chrisrhayes [6 posts]
1st January 2009 - 22:55