Hotels in Calais with safe parking

by Shades   February 21, 2014  

Has anyone got any recommendations for a hotel in Calais, near the tunnel terminal, with safe parking? I'm heading to France for a couple of weeks, with bikes, and travelling over late in the evening with the intention of staying overnight in Calais before heading into France. Normally I've been on the ferry from Portsmouth which means you don't have to worry about anything being nicked. Normally the bikes are chained up on the back of the van (VW Transporter) but, probably not being near the coast on this holiday, I might offload the watersports gear and get the bikes inside. Even then, if someone had a go at trying to get into the van it could really spoil the whole trip. Normally when I'm at some quiet hotel in the middle of nowhere I don't worry, but am slightly paranoid that places like Calais attract the wrong sorts with lots of cars full of people's holiday stuff.

Bit of a ferry tip (while I'm on the subject of crossing the channel): If you're on a ferry with a car deck that is partially open to the elements and bad weather is forecast, cover your bikes up as best as possible. 24 hrs from Santander to Portsmouth in a storm with salty air billowing into the car deck; chains and cassettes bright orange with rust!

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I normally stay in cheap hotels like F1 and take the bikes (usually 2 or 3) into the room with me. Never had any objections from staff. More upmarket hotels might not be as accommodating though.

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posted by manoirdelourde [28 posts]
21st February 2014 - 15:27


IBIS budget hotels might also be worth a look in. Last summer in a branch near calais they let us store our bikes overnight in the caretakers store room.

posted by Scoob_84 [362 posts]
21st February 2014 - 16:14


Never, never, never stay in Calais - take it from me, I had 3 bikes, a car trailer camping equipment and a kayak (all locked) stolen in Calais when I stayed a few years ago and I cannot recommend it as a town. Go a few miles inland and then do as they say above.

posted by Crankpoet [11 posts]
23rd February 2014 - 19:28


Have stayed in hotels all over Europe with two bikes, and never had a problem taking them into hotels. Would never leave them in or on the car or van. Last summer I stopped at a posh hotel in France and the manager personally locked the bikes in his office during our stay.

posted by tomisitt [57 posts]
23rd February 2014 - 21:34