For Sale: Charge Mixer Alfine 8

by Nick0   February 20, 2014  

Am selling my Charge Mixer Alfine 8 speed. It's done approximately 1500 miles from new, and is still on it's original chain and tyres which is a testament to this. It is a size small; I am 5’10” and found that the standover height of the medium size frame was too close for comfort. The frame geometry (taken from Charge’s website) is as follows –

TOP TUBE 535mm

SEAT POST: 27.2mm
BB DROP: 68mm
BB SHELL: 68mm

I converted it to drop bars (which I chose to clad in foam bar 'tape') and Versa-8 shifters/Avid BB7 brakes, and added some ETC mudguards. Otherwise the bike is stock. I still have the original bars and hydraulic Shimano brakes if these are preferred, or for the right price I'll include them in the sale.

The bike is comfortable and quick, and virtually maintenance free.

How comfortable? It's a steel (Tange tubing) frame which takes the bumps out of the road. I used the bike for my 27 mile round trips to/from work for about 800 miles in it's converted state.

How quick? I hold the Mapmyride record for a 1 mile sprint through Hide Park on it, 11 miles into my commute, complete with a pannier containing my change of clothes, tools/spare tube and pump on the rack.

The hub change is excellent; quicker to change than any derailleur bike and the 8 speed is more than enough range - my route takes me up and down Richmond Park's steepest hills and is is never left wanting. The brakes are sharper than any rim brakes I have ever used, particularly in the wet.

The frame is very cleverly designed with eccentric bottom bracket, and discs mounted on chain, not seat stay, so that any rack can be fitted and in the event that you need to remove the rear wheel it's a doddle. The bike is registered with Bikeshepherd and Bikeregister which will be transferred upon sale.

Really don't want to sell the bike, it is as cool and trendy and functional as they come, but I need the space and cash for the next bike - any visitors/test riders will see why - I have six bikes and the missus is nagging.

I am looking for offers in the region of £700 - the bike cost £1,000 new and the changers/brakes/mudguards/bars etc cost £350. PM me if interested or it will be going on Ebay in a couple of weeks.

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Forgot to mention that I'm in South West London, near Kingston Upon Thames.

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posted by Nick0 [18 posts]
20th February 2014 - 15:57

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I'll be listing this bike on ebay soon. Let me know if anyone's interested...

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posted by Nick0 [18 posts]
24th February 2014 - 17:55

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Not quite sure why the picture has disappeared....?

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posted by Nick0 [18 posts]
21st March 2014 - 12:59

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