Hello and good day,

I have a giant Tcr with the overdrive system but my headset is mega tight after investigating ive seen that i require another microspacer as in the picture.

I have looked everywhere and all i can find is the 1 1/8 version and i need a 1 1/4

Can anyone help/advise

many thanks lewis


tmr1980 [4 posts] 4 years ago

If u give giant a call and get through to after service dept they'll prob send u 1 free in post.

Gkam84 [9113 posts] 4 years ago

Well I can tell from that picture to start with, Its not a Giant spacer, that is an FSA Micro Spacer.

You will have a FSA Overdrive 2 unit, because the standard Overdrive was 1 1/8, where as Giant OEM have the 1 1/4

Those spacers are very difficult to get ahold of.

All I can suggest you do, get yourself along to a hardware store and ask about a 1 1/4 or 1.25" metal washer.

These are pretty common in plumbing suppliers. So that is your best bet.