I'm a very frequent reader but rarely even log in never mind take part but I have a question.

My daily ride is a Raleigh Urban 2. Not a fast bike, but a comfy one that gets a bit more bad treatment than it deserves (like being dragged along dirt tracks that are 4 inches deep in mud poor thing  20 ).

So far all I've had to do for it is keep it clean, greased, index the gears and change the brake pads. The back tyre just got to end of life with red showing through at a couple of points along the centre track.

It is currently a Raleigh branded 700c 37 puncture resistant that is smooth with a few small grooves. I'd like something similar and reasonably priced as I'm currently unemployed and paying bedroom tax too so pretty much on the breadline. Obviously the 37 cross section has a few mm leaway and I don't care about the make (this isn't a fast road bike!). Having only had 1 puncture in 6500 miles (and that was going over the usual recently flailed hawthorn scattered across the track) I really want puncture resistance.

Can anyone recommend a good budget tyre and seller too? I got really confused trying to google and go through some of the sites.


movingtarget [144 posts] 4 years ago

What type of budget are you looking at? There are some good puncture-resistant commuting tires out there that are half the price of race/training tires but cheap is relative as race tires can be spendy.

Gkam84 [9113 posts] 4 years ago

I only have two suggestions for that size and spec

Continental Contact 2

Schwalbe Marathon GreenGuard

Both are decent commuter/trekking tyres that can handle the road as well as the mud.

Both are decently priced and both of those links above are the better online retailers.

pakennedy [185 posts] 4 years ago

Wiggle have both in stock where the you don't find out that Chainreaction are out of stock until you try adding it to the basket.

I saw some good reviews of the Schwalbe so I think I'll opt for that and free delivery puts it in price range too.

Thanks for helping make my mind up. I had so many options I was just getting confused.