Bike Box for tall cyclist!

by Roixon   February 11, 2014  

Hi there,

I'm looking at buying a bike box and have seen the previous threads about this topic, however, most standard boxes are limited in size. I'm 6'5" and ride a 61cm Venge. From looking at the standard specifications, my bike wouldn't fit in the boxes.

Does anyone have similar experiences? Tips?

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You are right on the limit with a 61cm frame for most bike boxes.

The Polaris Bike Pod Pro is one of the larger ones. Which quotes "A 61cm traditional road bike will easily fit in a Bike Pod Pro"

My guess would be, either that or Bike Box Alan are your only bets. Unless you want to go down the soft case route?

Just thinking, another option is something more rectangular, like the Thule 836, they can easily fit large frames, but they cost more and at alot heavier

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posted by Gkam84 [9040 posts]
11th February 2014 - 14:56


Polaris have a new box called the EVA Pod Plus

they had it at Core with a 64cm frame in it and they didn't even need to take the seatpost out

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7506 posts]
11th February 2014 - 15:31


I've used the Polaris Pod Pro with both a 64cm Trek frame and an XXL Wilier with no real issues. I had to take the bars off (as usual) and the rear mech but no extra disassembly required.

posted by pirnie [198 posts]
11th February 2014 - 17:31


Is that a Wilier with an ISP?

posted by Nick T [844 posts]
11th February 2014 - 17:55


The Scicon Aerotech Evolution TSA bag can go up to a 62cm frame but you have to mostly disassemble the bike (remove wheels, pedals, rotate handlebars) but everything is tightly strapped in and there's usually room for your helmet, shoes, and some kit (our frames are only 46 and 56). About double the price of the Polaris but totally bulletproof packaging if you're worried about your 2-wheeled baby. They pretty much set the standard on hard cases that everyone else is trying to match.

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11th February 2014 - 18:56

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It's a Gran Turismo, so technically no... Although it has what they call a semi-integrated seatpost which means the seat tube extends quite a long way above the top tube. Still uses a conventional seatpost though.

posted by pirnie [198 posts]
11th February 2014 - 23:09


The new Polaris EVA Pod Plus, unveiled a couple of weeks back at Core Bike, might be the box you are looking for. Some good feedback in the industry about it. Looks stylish too - if that is possible for a bike box!

posted by Team Rux [21 posts]
12th February 2014 - 9:57


Have a look at Bike Box Alan. I've got an ISP Scott Addict and after send them various measurements they confirmed it would fit in one the standard boxes.

posted by usedtobefaster [111 posts]
12th February 2014 - 13:24