Just wondering if anyone can recommend any routes in LA/ Santa Monica?

Spending 3 days in LA on route to New Zealand and I'm looking to make the most of it.



movingtarget [144 posts] 4 years ago

Haven't had the opportunity to cycle in LA (too busy shuttling between relatives & the in-laws when we're there) but have researched some routes for when (if) we can ever sneak down there with the bike boxes and tool around. Here are some helpful route links:

The first is by the cycling writer for The Examiner with detailed pics and info on what to expect and how to get to the routes. The PCH to Malibu and Glendora mountain routes have always seemed to beckon.


This link is more for mainly urban routes with scenic boardwalk/beach views so not for high speed cycling as they're shared walking paths.


Hope you have a great time. Are you doing a cycling trip in NZ too? Had looked into doing a trip along the west coast including a side trip to the glaciers on the South Island but some of experiences on the biking list servs sounded a bit unnerving. Motorists being driving very fast and close to you and chucking cans of soda at your head was mentioned a few different times?!

Ush [1071 posts] 4 years ago

L.A. has loads of great cycling. But it's a _huge_ place. It depends where you're staying.

You also don't mention what time of year you're going though. Be aware that L.A. is darn hot. If you're there from May onwards my advice would be to try and not be cycling between 11am and 3pm if you can avoid it. Yes, you can do it, but it's really hot if you're used to the U.K.

If I were you I'd do the Mt.Wilson ride. You'll travel up through some cloud cover and get to look out over it all.

A shorter introductory ride can be had in Griffith Park.. you'll get to see over the city from several different look off points.

The P.C.H. stuff isn't all that pleasant IMO b/c of the amount of motorized traffic that you're travelling beside, but your question suggests (without stating) that you'll be in S.M.? If so, then it makes sense to do it.