So, this is a quick post for info -

I currently commute by bike with panniers.

But in about 6 months may be moving to work in London, which could mean some folding bike mixed-mode commuting action.

So I've been looking into commuting rucksacks.

One popular option seemed to be the DHB slice range. I was so, so close to buying one! But indecision between the 25l and 30l models, and then a slight price hike, put me off.

So I shopped around. I wanted something:

Looks good

Easy, right?

I have bought a LOMO rucksack. It's their "30L Drybag Daysack" - and it is AWESOME so far!

Amazingly waterproof, for £25 plus £5 p+p (which took it from Glasgow to Oxford in under 24 hours). I'm very, very impressed. Like a massive pannier that sits comfortably on your back.

They also do a cycling specific 30l rucksack, which is high-viz Saturn yellow with loads of retroreflectives, for £5 more. But being a vain sod, I went for the white non-cycling-specific option, as it doesn't scream "cyclist". But, could road.cc maybe review both?

For anyone who's interested:


Photo attached: