After a few years and a few miles, 7+ and 40+k respectively. I think my drivetrain could do with some work.

Currently it is a mix based on Veloce 9spd, As I understand it the newer ergos loose some of the shift usability that my ergos have?

I seem to get conflicting information as to what is compatible with what as well.

Can I upgrade( change the internals) my ergos to 10spd and use the current generation (ie 2014model) veloce mechs? or do I have to use NOS 10spd from the previous generation? I assume there is no way of going from 9 to 11 without new shifters?

Does anyone know if anyone and who supplies the bits in the UK?


On the basis that I am still on the original 53tooth ring (Chorus Chainset) I know they are durable, but they are horrifically expensive, are any of the alternatives as good or should I just stick to another Chorus/Record ring?


53x11 [15 posts] 4 years ago

Campy 9 shifters are rebuildable, and Campy does make a cam to convert the shifter to 10 speed, if you want to start buying other 10 speed drive line parts. 11 speed means new shifters.

Simplest is solution is to rebuild as 9 speed, and everything that you have will work (assuming it isn't also worn out.). Rebuild parts can be mail ordered from Branford Bike in the US. If you have a good local bike shop, that can work.

If you want the new 11 speed stuff, you'll be replacing everything, including front rings, and the chains require a different approach, too. There are benefits, but it's going to cost much, much more than a simple shifter rebuild.

mrmo [2096 posts] 4 years ago


Front mech and rear mech have seen better days, chainrings are worn, cassette and chain are consumables. shifters aren't as springy as they once were.

So plenty of work needed anyway!

Just considering options for when the weather gets better and I get some new bits and pieces.