If this looks familiar I apologise in advance. I have raised this on other website forums and have had not a single response.

The Problem
How do you increase the mutual understanding between car drivers and cyclists. [For the time being we will ignore lorry & bus drivers (professionals?) and pedestrians (random)]

The Answer - Get 'em young [Told you it was a long game]

Car Drivers
1, As part of their obtaining a licence they would have to take a one day cycling course given by an accredited cycling instructor. The course would consist of half classroom and half on the road and they must pass both halves. Obviously allowances would have to be made with regard to disabled drivers.
2, Any driver who loses his licence, for any reason, will have to take an extended version. Two days instead of one with extra content regarding vulnerable road users.
3, Any driver, new or existing, who has passed/undertaken the full BikeAbility (or equivalent) course will receive a 10-15% reduction in their insurance premiums. This may not sound a lot until you consider the premiums of a newly qualified teenager. Further premium reductions could be given for other courses/awareness courses e.g. LGV awareness. The big stumbling block here is going to be the insurance companies.

1, All children to receive compulsory BikeAbility (or equivalent) training at school.

The hope is that eventually everyone will have understanding of everyone else. But it is going to take a long time!

Other Measures
1, Re-release or release of an updated version of the "Green Cross Code" information film.
2, All professional drivers (Taxi, Lorry and Bus) to go on a good quality Vulnerable Road User awareness course (certainly a better one than the one I went on with Ainscough - see "The Crane Gang")

I'll now get my tin-hat and retreat to my bunker.  4