Get out at the weekend?

by thebikeboy   November 17, 2008  

I managed a century, but only if you add the two rides I did together Big Grin

Wet but mild down my way, muddy too. Bit of a pain cleaning the bike afterwards which set me thinking about possibly getting a winter training bike (not that I'm training for anything). Thinking

I see Dasy got out, but what about the rest of you?

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Not me - had my lad's christening over the weekend which meant a house full of people, a stomach full of party food and a skinful of red wine ... Smile

Planning my November century for saturday though, gonna go out to the old Severn bridge and back I think. if we scoot out to the middle of the estuary it should push us over the 100k mark.

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7700 posts]
17th November 2008 - 13:26

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Thorn used to do a fixed winter trainer - think that's long gone now, Condor do a nice one though.

Me got out for a nice blast Sunday morning… burnt a few hundred calories on the way out Smile

Put 'em all back on at the tea stop, oh and Sunday lunch Crying

Luckily I've got the commute…

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posted by Denzil Dexter [141 posts]
17th November 2008 - 13:38

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Me / we too managed a century (just about) but spread it over 2 days - weather pretty much spot on considering time of year. Training bike? the better half would kill me if another bike 'appeared' - my wife doesn't understand me !!

posted by Simon [59 posts]
17th November 2008 - 13:41

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To solve the wife/too many bikes conundrum was to buy another bike that looked, to the relatively untrained eye, much the same as my existing bike (ie blue) and not to leave them in the same place. If questioned I could then say… "no that's my usual bike, just left it in the shed…" Liar

It nearly worked… turned out that after 15 years of living with me, Mrs Sock knew a bit more about bikes than I'd given her credit for. Plain Face

As for the riding? More like a three quarter century spread over two days.

Darned if I do…

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posted by Mr Sock [153 posts]
17th November 2008 - 14:06

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My Saturday ride was a nice briskish century, but taking in all the hills in the area of note. It was very windy on the Downs, but a nice ride.

Sunday I got out early and was feeling okay so thought I'd do a 40 mile loop. After the first hour I was feeling really strong and back to how I felt before this poxy virus started a month ago. I ended up flying round a 55 mile loop, if it wasn't for the fact my missus had plans for me, I would have made it a second century.

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posted by DaSy [672 posts]
17th November 2008 - 16:51

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Turns out i'm at home looking after the kids while my wife gallivants off to London to watch some show about a stripy coat. pft. so no MC for me next week either. Unless i do it with the kids in a trailer Devil Devil

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7700 posts]
17th November 2008 - 17:02

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Do it with the kids in a trailer !!!! - must be worth at least double points I.M.H.O

posted by Simon [59 posts]
18th November 2008 - 14:06

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not sure daisy and joel would thank me for a half-day epic in sub-zero temperatures...

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7700 posts]
18th November 2008 - 14:32

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