Jura or Vendee for holiday

by IRISHCLIFF   February 2, 2014  

I think I know the answer but I am looking to book a family holiday, Eurocamp, and I conflicted between what is best for the kids, and where I can find some good cycling... what is the Vendee like to cycle in, I am guessing Jura will offer lots of hills only surpassed by the Alps....it is also May half term(two weeks) so weather has a bit of an influence as well. Thinking

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Jura gets my vote. Took the family there cycle camping last Aug via EBE to Macon and had a great time. Hills are (to my mind) just right for touring, high enough for the views & rewarding descents but not so hard your team are smashed for the day after one climb. Research campsites carefully if needing those, some areas are a bit patchy. Bon voyage Wave

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posted by pward [88 posts]
2nd February 2014 - 9:58


Depends what your cycling needs are. If you want big hills then it's the Jura.

If you can satisfy yourself with the occasional sharp rise, then the Vendee has plenty of them on the coastal roads and further inland. There are a few hills in the departement that would make Cat 2/3, but it is a handful.

We Eurocamped in La Tranche sur Mer four years in a row and I can't fault it for a bucket and spade holiday if the kids are young. I have plenty of hilly routes at home, so flying along for a while makes a pleasant change.

The roads are reasonably quiet and of the usual high (ie non-UK) standard so if you can cope with zipping along flattish routes rather than slogging up mountains, the Vendee has plenty to offer.

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2nd February 2014 - 12:17


I found the Vendee to be less than ideal. Sure, the roads are flat and I'm more of a climber but the main problem is that some roads can be very busy and the winds are pretty strong.
The Jura, on the other hand, was fantastic...great roads that are mainly quiet and some lovely climbs. Also, Annecy is within a reasonable drive and you can get some proper HC suffering in around there. The downside though is the long drive...about 8 hours from Calais. Hence, this year we are taking a break en route down to Domain de Chalain.

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posted by Bobbinogs [82 posts]
2nd February 2014 - 21:11


Easy - go to Jura.

Been to both with Eurocamp. In Vendee it was St-Julienne-Des-Landes and least year was to Lac de Chalain in Jura, although I've also been to the Rougemont site further north.

Vendee was good, with lots of excellent long and wide bike paths if you wanted to get off the roads. However, it couldn't match the scenery and number of cyclists that you saw in Jura.
Rougemeont was reasonably flat with a few short, steep climbs in several of the villages.
Lac de Chalain however, was absolutely fantastic and I cycled on many roads used for the Tour de L'Ain. A couple of big days took in Station Des Rousses and there were cyclists everywhere at the weekend.

We typically go in late June, so the weather in Jura is usually much better than Vendee so the kids are happy by the pool or the lakes, which both Jura sites have.

Last year in Lac de Chalain we did a fly drive so I rented a bike for the week from bikerentalfrance.com. It was a Giant TCR , but I understand they have a fleet of Madones this year. I collected and dropped the bike off at the nearest train station and got some useful route information.

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3rd February 2014 - 14:01