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by Wamphyri   January 31, 2014  


Since emigrating to NZ from the UK last year I've decided to start getting a bit more serious with my cycling and have entered a couple of cycle challenges. With this in mind I thought I should look at my bike and probably make some improvements as I've been riding it with the stock build since I bought it 18 months ago.

I ride a 2012 cube peloton race which I really like and really enjoy riding. I am thinking of upgrading the wheels which are currently Easton EA30s and have been looking at either the Shimano Ultegra 6800 set or the Campagnolo Zonda wheels.

The reviews I have read seem to suggest that they are both decent wheels I thought I would look to the cycling community to get your advice.

Many thanks


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If have a good look at these. Tiny bit more expensive than the Ultegra's but nearly 200g lighter and just as strong. Same compatibility as the Ultegra's too..

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31st January 2014 - 21:37


Ive just bought a pair of fulcrum 5's and kitted them out with continental gp4000s tyres.the performance of my bike has increased dramatically.

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1st February 2014 - 0:13


Thanks for the suggestions

A friend has just suggested the Mavic Aksium S Road 2014 set too. Seems this is more complicated than I even imagined Smile

I am really trying to keep the cost to sub 300quid I guess and I will need to get them shipped from the UK to NZ.

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1st February 2014 - 1:51

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My husband had an Ultegra wheelset on his Masi & it was very smooth and silent. Could barely hear him even when he was coasting and about the same weight as Campy Zondas. I had Aksiums on my tri bike (Kestrel Talon) and my husband has them on his current bike they also handle great although I must say that the Fulcrum 5s that came stock on my Pinarello are really fun. The Aksiums are 6 years old so not really a fair comparison. All are great wheelsets for the money and I'm sure you'll have a great time putting them through their paces.

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1st February 2014 - 4:48


Ultegra wheels are pretty good but consider availability of parts, if you break a spoke then will you need to order replacements from the UK or can you get them locally?

I've got a 6600 wheelset, several thousand miles no problem with 100kg of me on them. A mate has a 6700 wheelset and it took our LBS 3 weeks to eventually replace a spoke for him.

If it were me I'd go down the cliche'd route of talking to the nearest bike shop to see what they have and what they could build.

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1st February 2014 - 7:28


Thanks Bagpuss, the availability of parts isn't really a problem but the cost of them is Sad there are a lot od decent shops out here but the cost makes it more practical to ship it from the UK.

I'll probably secure a couple of spares "just in case" though

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1st February 2014 - 8:06

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Shimano comparable zondas are available in the halfords website at sub £300. Ill be all over these if I were in your position. I fancy a set myself if it wouldn't make my GF break up with me

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1st February 2014 - 23:27


At your budget level, then Prolite Braccianos or Fulcrum 3.

I personally went for the Prolites and love them.

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2nd February 2014 - 12:26