Cycling near Azille (France)

by moretti1972   January 31, 2014  

I might spend a week with the family in this village South West of Toulouse, any recommended routes around there?

Many thanks

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I was in the Tarn region just N of Toulouse last August. Didn't have any specific routes to work with but French roads are so quiet I just started going all over the place. Even on the occasional times I was on an 'A road' I felt very safe and the motorists are very courteous to cyclists. Had a big truck behind me once and he patiently waited until there was a safe place to overtake; almost couldn't believe it. Saw lots of other 'roadies' and small pelotons as I cycled around. The only car that pulled out in front of me without looking was British!! Probably some of the most enjoyable cycling I've ever done.


posted by Shades [272 posts]
31st January 2014 - 13:08


Thank you! It sounds like it's worth taking the bike with me

posted by moretti1972 [33 posts]
31st January 2014 - 14:19