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by BR-Slovenia   January 29, 2014  

Hello dear fellow cyclists,

I think there isn't much amateur cycling team promo videos, so
I would like to introduce you short video from our team.

BR is writing a story about everyday people, with ordinary jobs and everyday things to do. This story is about a way of life and places the unavoidable element of movement at the forefront. We understand that the human body is not created for sitting so movement and a healthy lifestyle, are all the more important.

BikeRepublic is a small community spreading a big idea. Our motto is to move and live healthily, as this makes us happy, makes life fuller and makes the challenges of a modern lifestyle easier to handle.
We cycle, and with that we have fun; we compete, we train and we eat healthily.
Join us. Pedal hard and live a life of quality!

We also wonder about feedback, so do us a favour and leave a comment Wink & share the video with your friends.

Thanks, and good luck at your cycling adventures

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What's up guys? Thinking No comments so far...noone watched it?? You won't waste 4 minutes for it, I bet you'll like it Cool

posted by BR-Slovenia [2 posts]
31st January 2014 - 23:22

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posted by BR-Slovenia [2 posts]
3rd March 2014 - 9:11

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