Been thinking about splashing out on a new set of wheels. I was pretty settled on a set of Cosmic Carbone SLS, then came across Amp Hoops. I have read the review on the site but wondered if anybody had bought/used them. If so how do you find them?


Jez Ash [237 posts] 4 years ago

Mat liked the tubs a lot (http://road.cc/content/review/106696-amp-32mm-carbon-tubular-wheels?page=2) and I was really impressed with the 50mm clinchers (right up until they started to go pop http://road.cc/content/review/99245-amp-hoops-50mm-carbon-clincher-wheels).

it's worth reading the comment from amp on the latter review - it sounds as though they've addressed the issue with spoke length. that being the case, they are a strong, fast set of wheels for a pretty decent price.

lots of comments suggested that you could buy the rims and hubs and build yourself the same wheels for less than amp's selling price. most people won't want the faff, however.

cosmics are a solid choice, though, and the alu braking surface (and included tyres) are both worth bearing in mind. also check out the Cole wheels on offer at Evans at the moment (although we've not tried them).