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by levermonkey   January 26, 2014  

Disaster! My 'Tame Bike-Tech' has emigrated to the other side of the world. Although I am obviously very happy for him (new opportunities, horizons, etc.) it has left me with a bit of a problem - I am a mechanical incompetent! Just because I like cycling and can do minor adjustments etc. doesn't mean I'm proficient at repairs and servicing. Hey! I own a car but I still take it to a garage.

I have two choices as I see it,
1, Suddenly become a master bike-mechanic [Not very likely to happen], or,
2, Find a new Bike-Tech.

What I desperately need are your personal recommendations of workshops south of the Thames between Lewisham and Dartford (Use this area roughly) or preferably mobile servicers covering the DA18 postcode.

Hope you can help.

ps. I have no problem patronising one-man bands working out of a shed in their back garden.

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Why not contact Cycle Systems Ac to see if they have any graduates working in your area, or contact local clubs

posted by jason.timothy.jones [305 posts]
27th January 2014 - 13:29


I have already tweeted them to see if they have a suggestion Wave

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posted by Gkam84 [9369 posts]
27th January 2014 - 18:40