I joined a private league a friend set up but I cannot see it in "my leagues".
Last night I went to one of the other public leagues I joined and then altered the url to the private league code I was given and hey presto! I saw myself, the league creator and another in the league.
Logged on this morning to check if I was winning and once again it's not listed in "my leagues" and so I nivigated there again by typing the code in the url. Only this time only the league creator appeared!

help us out . Ta.


jacko1889 [23 posts] 4 years ago

I'm having the same issue, my wife tried to enter my league and it said successful but i can't find any other people at all, i tried to get her to join again but it said she was already a member, are the private leagues for premium only?

2wheelzgood [2 posts] 4 years ago

Hah. progress of sorts. Now I can see the league but have a "-" as ranking. Click into it and still only the creator is the only one listed. If someone is reading and fixing in the background, thanks, keep going!

enrique [2388 posts] 4 years ago

I hope this doesn't sound stupid, since it may seem kind of obvious, but the league 'creator' has to 'approve' you joining the league from their home page. It's not just submitting the league number that gets you in the league. If you already checked that out and the 'creator' already 'approved' you then, sorry... but last year I tried to join a league and it took a couple of days before I was 'approved' by the creator and finally showed up on the league...