Bit of a long shot but...

I found a Catford CC Equipe Racing Santini Glove on Sunday, out near Gamlingay Cambridge.

I've contacted the club (although I've not heard back). If you're missing one let me know.


skinnyrider [1 post] 4 years ago

Yes small world the cycling one.

It was a beautiful winters day. Sun was a'blazing. In toast to this, I removed my gloves and allowed my hands to bask in the radiant sun.
Sadly, on their prima outing, my gloves went aloft from the back pocket of my jacket and were lost to the flat Cambridgeshire lands. I actually lost both gloves, they were not meant to be.

You may keep said glove, for when you lose one of you own, you will have a spare. Or if in dire need, return to said location of treasure as there will be another, to make a pair.

Ride on!!

AWP [113 posts] 4 years ago

Small world indeed!
I will look at changing my route for next weekend; if I find it I'll list it as a Geocache location!
Keep you posted.