When was the last time you went to a club and didn’t see any technology? People are always wearing it, and it’s been seen even more so lately. How much fashionable technology is really out there, and how popular can it really be? What we’ve noticed lately is that there have been a lot more people wearing useful technology as fashion trends.

Technology never was fashionable

In all the years past, wearing technology has never been the most fashionable thing to do. There was no such thing as something that was considered fashionable technology because everything was so ugly. Nobody in their right mind who liked to dress right would wear it. But now, people want to wear clothing that is fashionable and just makes sense. It just makes sense to wear a watch, but it can’t be bulky and ugly. Wearable technology is being changed by the fashion industry to be something that people actually want to wear.

Not useful but ugly anymore

Most technology was considered useful yet ugly, similar to footy pajamas. But just like footy pajamas being changed by the fashion industry and Jumpin Jammerz to be more fashionable than ever, wearable technology is being changed by the fashion industry, according to The Verge. You can expect to see more sleek watches that are intended to match your outfits and cell phones with patterns for every day of the week. Without the fashion industry, there would be no reason to change technology to be more fashionable.

Stamps on gadgets

One ways our society is creating more fashionable technology is by designers reaching out to tech companies to create a partnership. The designer gets something out of it because their design can be recognized on the wearable technology while the technology companies benefit from the huge increase in sales by offering something that looks nice for your customer. It seems the technology industry is being completely changed by fashion, just like your bedtime clothing. But still, a lot of technology is bulky and ugly.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is that designers are not engineers, and engineers aren’t designers. When an engineer comes out with a new piece of technology, they don’t care how it will look on your hand. The designer can make something that looks nice, though it may not necessarily be feasible in an engineer’s eyes. If we could get these two industries working together more seamlessly, it could mean there is a bright, fashionable, and technological world ahead of us.