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by Miles253   January 16, 2014  

Hi guys, wonder if could get some advice.

Ive been looking at a couple of bikes over the last few months, alu and carbon, and mostly Cannondales and Canyons

Not only am i stuck on which brand makes better bikes, but also whether its worth me getting an aluminium bike or a Carbon bike.

Bear in mind that i am a fairly invested cyclist, riding three years and have a solid alu bike already (Specialized Allez Campag Centaur)

Price wise, Canyons are unbeatable, and they are all well regarded, but naturally there is no try before you buy. Cannondales also have a solid reputation but are pricier and not as well equipped, but my local bike shop stocks them applenty (though i am not sure in my size i'm 6 ft 4).

I have a budget of around £2500, could push that towards maybe £2700, perhaps. For that i could get a great speced alu canyon or carbon canyon, alu around £500 cheaper of course. I could also get a averagely speced cannondale for that money, either a synapse with 105 or supersix with 105 both of which are regarded as great bikes.

Would love to hear from anyone with experience with either of these brands and their various models.

Thanks all

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For £2500 I would definitely be looking at a carbon bike rather than aluminium. Or, to be honest, looking at a steel or titanium handbuilt one (from Enigma, Lynskey, etc) that might last forever.

Think you need to look around at prices a little more, maybe consider a 2013 model, perhaps drop into the local 'road' LBS and discuss. For around that budget this Supersix Evo looks pretty damn good to me - fundamentally that's a pro-level bike.

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posted by Gizmo_ [928 posts]
16th January 2014 - 10:40


That's a pretty good find actually, thanks. Naturally I've just been browsing cannondale directly. I've never considered ti myself as the price seems to still be high, especially as they still seem quite bespoke. How are they to ride in comparison to carbon?

With that kind of budget you seem to be able to achieve max spec Alu or decent spec de carbon. I am concerned about my ability to get the most out of carbon, but perhaps it's something to grow into.

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16th January 2014 - 14:27


Don't own a 'dale; own several Canyons (2009 Ultimate CF; 2013 SLX; 2014 Ultimate AL) as does a mate (2012 SLX; 2010 Speedmax). Fantastic bikes; they would be great bikes if they cost 50% more, the fact that they are priced where they are is little short of amazing. For (less than) the money you are talking about you could get an Ultimate CF SL with SRAM Force 22, Chorus 11 (in the new Movistar strip) or Ultegra 11. At the risk of sounding like I work for them, I cannot recommend Canyon highly enough.

I wouldn't worry about aluminium at your budget. I would also steer clear of titanium. For the money you are talking the quality of ti frame you get will be no better than an aluminium frame and worse than a CF frame. (And before the defenders of ti have a go, I also own a ti frame made by well known north eastern US framebuilder - I love it, but objectively it's not as good a bike as my carbon framed Canyons, despite costing quite a lot more.)

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16th January 2014 - 15:38


I believe Canyon UK do have some test bikes that can be collected from their Kingston office; best check with them directly. One of the most noticeable differences in specs is that the wheels Canyon supply are usually a big step up and would make the biggest difference in ride quality, apart from the frame obviously.

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16th January 2014 - 16:26


I'd go for Canyon every time. I own a 2014 SLX with new ultegra di2, and cant fault it in anyway. i found that canyons sizing calculator was spot on, and was even able to spec my preferred stem length when making my order. Also found that the Canyon UK team were really helpful when talking to them on the phone to amend my order, and my bike was delivered almost 2 weeks before they estimated and only needed a few allen keys to put together!

with your sort of budget I'd go for good carbon frame, new ultegra and great wheels, or if you were hooked on di2 then the Ultimate AL SLX (my mate raves about his) would be a good shout

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16th January 2014 - 17:21


I'm being well sold towards canyons, so I'll entertain the idea. With the SLX , of which I was looking at the lowest spec with ultegra and the aero SL, what do we reckon the real world difference between the frames are? I know SLX is lighter but hey I'm no pro, but is it likely to be stiffer at all? And so worth the extra bob for the pricier one? Opinions...GO!

Also on the subject of the ultimate SL , is it worth going with the aero wheels or taking the plunge with di2? Anyone with a canyon here well versed in di2?

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posted by Miles253 [205 posts]
17th January 2014 - 23:52