I inherited an old (but decent road bike) and have been cycling for over a year. It's time I moved up a gear (pardon the pun) and purchased a new road bike. My budget is about 500, I’ve been doing my research and have already had some useful input from the helpful people within these forums...

I have narrowed it down

GIANT DEFY 5 (2013 model)
SPECIALIZED ALLEZ C2 (2013 model - although may be worth spending extra on 2014?)

There is also the Boardman Road Sport - but I’m leaning towards the above a little more...unless that is a bad decision?

From my research it seems as though they are all pretty much on par with each other (if that’s fair to say). I know the Triban does possess features such as carbon forks - which seems to be an attractive quality to many - although I think any of these bikes will be a phenomenal upgrade from my current ride and as a result I probably won't be able to appreciate such features...as of yet. Is it basically down to personal preference? Internet purchase has been ruled out as I want to try the bike first.

I am leaning towards the Triban - although it seems people have to change the tyres a little sooner than what they should? I am doing my first Triathlon in August, so it is likely I will purchase new tyres before than regardless of model.
I cycle every day to work (10 mile round trip) and like to go on long rides of a weekend...

It would be useful to hear a couple of thoughts...

Thank you very much for taking time to respond.



jason.timothy.jones [293 posts] 4 years ago

for me its the triban hands down, its cheeper than the rest, and has the advantage of carbon forks.

For some reason everyone on the triban forum thinks the tyres are rubbish, but I have had 2 sets and when these ware out, ill get another, they have good puncture protection....they do crack a bit on the side walls, but that does not cause any real problems, well for me It hasnt, and Im a fat ass, so if they hold me up, they will hold anyone up. either way every entry level bike will have basic tyres...actually if you take everything said on the triban forum as true, the whole bike is rubbish as everyone has an opinion on what parts need changing

The reasons I wouldn't personally go for the others

Boardman, is basically the same bike as the Triban, but no carbon fork, and £200 more

Giant, is a little cheeper than the Boardman, but essentially the same spec, but as I recall its a bit heavier, but not by that much

Specilized, even though they all made friends in the end, they tried to screw over a small businessman over a name they had no rights to trademark, so screw them...its a ok spec bike though

Essentially they are all similar, but the triban is much better priced and has the carbon forks.....just my humble opinion though

Nat Jas Moe [175 posts] 4 years ago

The triban is a great bike I would have bought one but decathlon didn't have any in stock and then couldn't tell when they would have one in so I went for the defy 5. Great bike for my commute.

Flying Scot [1005 posts] 4 years ago

save a bit more and get the Triban 3, its carbon fork has returned.

Spend the change on keo pedals, shoes, a nice saddle and jazzy Cinelli bar tape.

Or buy used if you prefer a higher spec.

mrkeith119 [87 posts] 4 years ago

Ride them all and then pick the one you liked most.

arfa [855 posts] 4 years ago

Have a look at wiggle and the felt f95 -a fine bike for <400 notes.
Racy geometry but good bang for your buck.

dafyddp [443 posts] 4 years ago

I bought a Forme Longcliffe 5.0 for £300 from Rutland Cycling. For the money it's okay, but the alu forks are pretty harsh (I've ended up double taping the handlebars to lessen the shock) and I'm not very impressed with the MicroShift shifters. However, move up a couple of models and I'd imagine you'd be on to a winner. In fact, Rutland Cycling are doing the Longcliffe 2.0 for £500, and for that price you're getting a really good spec for the money:

Although they're built abroad, Forme are designed in Derbyshire, so there's a bit of feel-good factor around supporting a growing British company, too!

jollygoodvelo [1685 posts] 4 years ago


Same frame sells for £1050 with 105 - as it is, it's a bargain and a great base for upgrades.