Hi guys,

I'm having a problem with my right hand brake lever, when I pull the lever the first few mm of displacement cause no pull at all of the brake cable. I can manually pull the brake cable tight, causing the problem to go, but as soon as I then use my brakes it happens again causing the rear caliper to rub slightly. I've tried cleaning the inside of the shifter and can see nothing that would stop the brake cable being pulled back by the rear caliper. The cables are new and move freely as far as I can tell. When the rear caliper is disconnected from the cable it opens fully so it isn't the spring in that causing a lack of cable tension.

Anyone got any ideas?

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mike the bike [1055 posts] 4 years ago

There may be clues here ..... you say the cables are new? It's possible your cable was not installed properly, perhaps inside the brake lever housing. Is the outer cable ferrule seated correctly?

Also, when you remove the calliper the brake seems to activate properly? It could be that the mounting bolt is over-tightened, causing the calliper to bind and hence the noise you hear.

Best of luck.

Lbowron [17 posts] 4 years ago

Checked ferrules and the rear caliper opens wide when the cable is disconnected, however there feels like there is a fair bit of resistance in the rear cable section. Does it look right?

jason.timothy.jones [293 posts] 4 years ago

the bend looks fine.

Disconnect the cable at the calliper and push the cable forward and grab the pear nipple inside the lever itself, you should be able to slide the cable back and forward with ease, if that works fine, pull the cable back into place and pull on the calliper end and work the brake lever....this should give an idea of where the problem is