Dear All, I wonder if anybody might be able to help?

I am an above knee amputee who has been road riding for some time just using my left leg, I have now been able to spec a riding limb but am after a single right Look keo style pedal to help properly secure my leg to the crank and eliminate lateral sway in the knee.

Could anybody comment whether lateral movement (left to right) of the knee of my prothesis during pedalling action could be reduced by trying less float cleat on the right side?

I had previously been using Crank brothers candy on left side for ease of clipping in and out running nothing on the right side (other than the crank arm). This has enabled me to recover from spinal surgery with a view to getting out on the mountain bike this year.

I have tried manufacturers and suppliers but to no avail. I wanted to reach out to forum members to see if anybody had one or even two right Look style pedals they wouldn't mind parting with or sending? Any help would be hugely appreciated.


Gkam84 [9111 posts] 4 years ago

Off to call in the troops, Colin Lynch and a guy called Kev, who's going to be doing LEJOG this year.  3

Ok, I tweeted them, unfortunately, they couldn't help and I have no idea myself, sorry. I hope you can get it sorted though


bashthebox [752 posts] 4 years ago

I think I've got some old Look pedals - I'm pretty sure they take the Keo cleat, but they're not Keo pedals that you'd recognise, I think. You're welcome to one or both if you like - let me know!

quaker_oathead [1 post] 4 years ago

Thanks so much Gkam84 the retweets were helpful. For the record I am above knee amputee just trying to reduce the lateral motion in my leg and increase mechanical efficiency. Also trying to keep knee centres as close in line as possible to keep both legs turning over. Oval chainrings have helped. Heres hoping for some luck with pedal. Cheers Paul

A V Lowe [620 posts] 4 years ago

Presume you are in touch with Kevin H in Oxfordshire, another one in your 'club' and network of Wheels for All - via Cycling Projects in Warrington.

Makes me all the keener to get the Myford manufacturing centre set up in the workshop and find time & projects to use it on.