Cheers Guys!  1
I'm new to the forums so first of all I want to say 'hi'!  103
Now that I've said it, let's go to business!  4

I looking to buy a steel frame Bianchi bike (I have a fetish for Bianchi's and like the vintage look).
Surfing the web I've ran on the 'new' Bianchi Dolomiti and 'Tipo Corsa Frame' (http://www.bianchiusa.com/bikes/road/steel/tipo-corsa-frameset/)

I've been trying to find any good review of these frames and bikes but I coudn't find any  2

I wonder if any of you could give me a hand and either point me to an unbalanced and informed review of these bikes or give me your own.

I live in South America, so I don't want to buying one of these exepensive frames on-line only to find that are not good

Are these frames/bikes any good? Are any of them really made in Italy? Is there any reliable on-line retailer you can recomend me?

thanks in advance!  1