Help needed with headset bearings...boring but frustrating...

by jasonm945   December 27, 2013  

Hi All,

I have a Carrera Virago in which I find myself in need of a new bearing for the bottom of the headtube.
My understanding was that it was tapered (which it is), but not 11/8 to 1.5, the bottom cup is 1.25.
My question is simple, does anyone know where I can source replacement bearings?
I believe the OD is 47 and 45°.

Is there anybody out there who can help?



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The existing bearing unit should have a bunch of numbers and letters - google those exactly and you will find a match.

This site is pretty good:

posted by boardmanrider [69 posts]
27th December 2013 - 20:21

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Thanks for the reply, but the problem is the outside of the unit is pretty stained with bits of corrosion and I can see no writing! I have tried polishing with a wire brush and dremel but suspect I will have rubbed the etching off.
I did have a look at UKbike store and I believe the bearing I need is .

I was just hoping someone could confirm this!


posted by jasonm945 [17 posts]
27th December 2013 - 21:25


First off, is the bearing seized? if not pick the seal out and clean the race and cages with disc brake cleaner or a good spray degreaser, let it dry or blow it out and repack with grease. Before putting back in, hold the outer race and spin the inner race, feel for any stickiness or play. If it's ok then it will be good for a while. I tend to repack mine every 3 months especially the pivot bearings.

Headset bearings are not of the shelf and are made for the manufacturers, your only choice is the bike shop. I checked our bearing catalogue at work when I was after some for someone. They are not standard taper bearings.

Have you searched the headset? should be able to find what ones they are from the specs.

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30th December 2013 - 8:35


had similar problems with my Giant scr3 headset this time last year. After much faffing about i got my lbs to do the job ( the replacement part was actually different from the original one, but did fit). this cost me an extra tenner, but was worth it for the reduction in hassle and anxiety in sourcing and fitting the right bits.

PS I saw a good youtube video on using a vacuum to suck chainsaw oil into dry sealed bearings. you need a pump to create the vacuum, or you can use heat in some clever way. then you put the oil on the bearing and hey presto! it's lubed.

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30th December 2013 - 15:53

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I have emailed Halfords to find out the actual specs of the headset - I await a reply!
I have stripped and regreased my current bearing but it still feels very notchy Sad

I am sure I will be able to find a new headset eventually...

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30th December 2013 - 17:51


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2nd January 2014 - 0:42