international frame courier?

by fourstringsisplenty   October 26, 2009  

I need to ship a frame back to the shop in Italy where I bought it. Anyone got any suggestions for the best-value way to do this? (At the moment the best I can find is a cheap Easyjet flight with me on it...)

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try - they check a few couriers and come up with deals that you often need an account to get. I've used them a couple of times both domestic and to Spain and found them to be excellent. A tip is to make the packages as short as possible as a lot of couriers don't carry packages beyond a certain length (can't remember what it is though).

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26th October 2009 - 22:30

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I use I recently posted a 12kg set of Husqvarna motox forks to Greece for £48, worked out using volumes and weight instead of just size alone. Interparcel use other couriers like UPS and DHL, and they offer a great service. The website is simple to get quotes from too. Never had any issues using these people.

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26th October 2009 - 22:43


Thanks guys.

I had to move quickly and ended up using UPS. For info, it cost £100 to send a frame weighing 1.1 kg (plus packaging) to Italy, so it sounds like they're very expensive compared to the sources you suggested.

Live and learn!

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28th October 2009 - 9:32