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by edd23   December 15, 2013  

After 2,200 miles sine July I had my first puncture of 2013 today Crying

Changed at the road side no trouble, but i have a 'Topeak Rocket Micro AL Pump' and found it is just awful, took about 5 mins to get the tyre up to i reckon no more than 60psi Sad

Is co2 a better option or a mini pump with a hose? I was 50mph winds, rain and I reckon about 2c max so having to pump away (Drooling) and hold the pump down on the valve at the same time was impossible, or am I doing something wrong as the only way I can get it to work is by jamming the pump down on the loosed value as hard as i can...


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A hose on the pump is an essential as far as I am concerned.

I have a Topeak Road Morph attached to the skinny bike and a Lezyne job (which maxes out at 95psi) in the pannier for the bigger tyres on the commuter.

Both are excellent. I did however end up wrapping bar tape round the Lezyne as it was too slippy.

My eyes prefer Celeste, my bum prefers titanium.

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posted by Jack Osbourne snr [298 posts]
16th December 2013 - 0:41

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+1 for the Topeak Road Morph. When you are using it you have one hand free to hold the bike steady. I've used mine several times and always found pumping the least frustrating part of the whole procedure

posted by gmac101 [23 posts]
16th December 2013 - 7:51

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I have used CO2 for m/c puntures for 30 years. Great things. Of course they only work once.
I often carry the pump but also 1 CO2 bulb. That will get 100psi+ in and there is still a pump as a back up.
Having aid that I have never had to hold the pump onto the valve and I have the same pump as you. Any pump where you don't have a hose has to be held with your finger supporting the valve so those finger almost automatically hold the pump as well. In fact that allows a two handed action which is great at high pressure. 1 other thing. The longer the pump, the better it will be.

posted by mattsccm [240 posts]
16th December 2013 - 8:18

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I have CO2 and a pump, the CO2 is to get me going again, and the pump as Back-up

posted by jason.timothy.jones [287 posts]
16th December 2013 - 9:33

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I've got a couple of Birzman pumps (one's a Horizons and the other is the newer version with the snap-it head) and can recommend them. They're really nicely made and properly capable of sticking 100psi in your tyres, but still small enough for a jersey pocket.

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7236 posts]
16th December 2013 - 9:35

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I've got a Topeak Road Morph for my tourer, that lives in the pannier and comes highly recommended. For my road bikes, I prefere the Topeak Race Rocket HPX. Both have flexible hoses, the Road Morph is quicker, being a mini track pump, but is also considerably bigger/heavier. For smaller/lighter, the HPX is very good, but takes longer to get 100 psi. I guess you pays your money and takes your choice.


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posted by tourdelound [80 posts]
16th December 2013 - 10:50

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I've had 1 puncture in the 2 years since I started cycling (tempting fate!) and had no problem getting up to pressure using my Lezyne Road Drive.

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posted by Crosshouses [168 posts]
16th December 2013 - 12:06

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they've gone out of fashion but a full size 'long' pump is still the best for quick and relatively effortless inflation. I have an old plastic Zefal HP that fits in the commuter rucksack and has unfortunately seen more use than I'd like in the last few weeks. Can't beat them though I have a Lezyne pressure drive which is about as good as a micro pump gets.

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posted by joemmo [768 posts]
16th December 2013 - 13:49

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CO2 Inflator and a pump with a hose as backup (Lezeyne or Topeak Race Rocket are pretty good - check the max psi). Top tip though; sacrifice a CO2 canister and have a practice at home. I was on a great 60 mile solo route round the Tarn in France and punctured. CO2 Inflator failed and I had to phone my wife for a rescue. Gutted that I'd not completed the route and didn't have a backup pump. LBS replaced it and checked the new one worked; as well as giving me some free CO2 cannisters.


posted by Shades [161 posts]
19th December 2013 - 16:32

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