SKS Raceblade Long Mud guards Black. Brand New fits Any close fitting calipers

by kirbster   December 14, 2013  

Same as here$ja=tsid:46412%7Ccgn:SKS+-+Mudguards%7Ccn:Chain+Reaction-UK-PLA-PLA-All-DT-SE%7Ckw:321415UK_SKS+Raceblade+Long+Mudguards&gclid=CO24nNaUrrsCFejpwgod6FcAhA
Rrp £39.99
Get complete protection from these mudguards designed to fit all race bikes with tight clearance between tire and caliper.
Friends have used these on 2 Planet X pro carbons and fit and work perfect when they had both used crudracers which would not clear a 23mm tire very well.
Mine are brand new unused and in all original packaging, i have not even taken them out of the original posting box. Purchased for road bike with close caliper clearance but have now bought a specific winter bike with clearance and full guards .
£30.00 inc postage (£6.00 with collect +)
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