Hi all,

I'm moving abroad with work and planning on flying my bike over, was curious if anyone had any advice or experience to offer? I've just purchased one of these hard cases, www.bikeboxalan.com . I would ideally like to insure the bike for the journey, but most travel insurance I have looked at isn't really designed to cover something this expensive, and the plans that do cover it are long term domestic insurance deals that include a certain number of foreign days travel. This is obviously not much good to me as I am leaving the UK. Advice would be greatly appreciated!


drfabulous0 [409 posts] 4 years ago

When you say abroad how far do you mean? Have you trained for the trip? Will you be flying the bike in one continuous ride or taking rest brakes? I would imagine you need some sort of extreme sports insurance to fly a bike over national boundaries and probably permission from air traffic control.
Maybe you could just send it by courier and insure it that way.