Slippy grit?

by Martin Thomas   December 13, 2013  

I was wondering if anyone's been having traction problems on gritted roads. A mate down in the west country tells me there's a bit of local concern following a few spills and near-misses on recently gritted roads. He's raised the issue on the Chippenham Wheelers' forum and it's rung a bell with several people. They're wondering if there's a new kind of grit being used... I'm in Brighton and have only been out once on gritted roads this year so far...didn't notice anything untoward. But I thought I'd mention it, just in case.  

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posted by tom_w [117 posts]
13th December 2013 - 11:44

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Don't you just hate it when people don't check to see if a topic's been covered before posting on a forum? apologies. And thanks for the polite nudge.

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posted by Martin Thomas [584 posts]
13th December 2013 - 12:02

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i've had a few sketchy moments but not on roads that would be likely to be gritted. mostly it's the combination of lots of leaves and a dry november meaning they're hanging around longer than they normally would

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7500 posts]
13th December 2013 - 12:03


It's psycho slippy going out on Woodbury and Dartmoor at the moment. Somebody mentioned it was grit or the additives they put in the salt, I kind of like the bike slipping around a bit, keeps your wits sharp and makes road riding slightly more interesting!

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posted by William Black [196 posts]
13th December 2013 - 16:09

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You're a nutter! (in a good way, obvs)

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posted by Martin Thomas [584 posts]
13th December 2013 - 17:09

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It was so slippy the Sunday before last I'm still picking the scabs off my hip and trying to find time to replace the derailleur hanger on my new bike.

posted by Owen Rogers [32 posts]
13th December 2013 - 17:15

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