I'm here for advice: My workplace is very kindly building us workers a gym, and wants to know what kit we want in it. Obviously I want something I can train for cycling on, and so want a static bike in there.

Any recommendations/experience for a good static bike for actual cyclists? Wattbike, obviously, but that might be a bit expensive.


mooleur [537 posts] 4 years ago

I'd say for a realistic and reasonably effective static bike the Wattbikes are probably your best option, perhaps anyone interested in using it could chip in? I'm not sure if they're doing finance or payment deals yet, that might also be an option if you're with a smaller company?

I've always found anything in the cheaper margins seems to be completely rubbish as far as cycle-fitness is concerned. Especially gym bikes.

localsurfer [202 posts] 4 years ago

A wattbike is definitely too much. The company is paying for the whole thing, and apparently that's too much of a chunk of cash.

Gym bikes, agree, total rubbish,

Anything out there like a wattbike but without all the electronic stuff? Just a good, bike-like exercise machine?