The recent new story on road.cc on epic cycling really caught my imagination and sense of adventure as I was looking for something 'big' to work towards.

I ran it past the other half and unexpectedly I got the green light, so im now entered in the 2014 Transcontinental. Training and planning has begun in earnest but looking at my current stable i don't feel like i have anything suitable:-

Giant TCR Advanced SL0
Blue Triad SL LE
Planet X Kaffenback 2

The kaffenback is probably the closest out of the current crop but it weighs a ton, great for training, but dont fancy hauling it up and over the alps whilst carrying everything else i need.

Any suggestions / ideas on a frameset for this kind of ride?

Current criteria are:-

Relativley light,
relativley comfortable,
disc compatible if possible?



Super Domestique [1620 posts] 4 years ago

Spesh Roubaix (or Secteur depending on budget) disc.

Blackhound [461 posts] 4 years ago

I would imagine the Kaffenback would be fine unless you are looking to win it. I would aim for comfort and what you know. Of course, you may *need* a new bike. But that's different. Good luck.