Struggling to think of anything I really 'need' this year for christmas I then thought about getting one of these Body Fit things.

All of my road bikes seem fit me pretty well - A few bits of trial and error here and there (coming from a MTB it was a bit of culture shock) but I don't have any major niggles perhaps a bit of 'ulna nerve' numbness over 150k but no real back aches though I am very flexible for a bike rider.

It's going to cost £100 to do the full 3hour fitting and I spoke to my LBS and they reckon I would be in the

Any experiences of these things? particularly from those who thought they were spot on then ended up being told they were way off or from those who pretty much thought they were spot on and thought they'd wasted a shedload of money for nothing?

Also is this information in the public domain, I'm not going to flush £100 for 3hours on rollers and few cups of coffee if its not much more than that calculator off the competitive cyclist website!

Thoughts much appreciated


giobox [361 posts] 4 years ago

Have some friends who have forked over for it at a local authorised spesh dealer, its apparently not that much more than the calculator off the competitive cyclist website, along with a pretty basic informal chat. Personally I'm extremely wary of services that advertise a 3hr fit etc, the future of proper bike fitting is undoubtedly systems like Guru where an electronic jig works it out more or less instantly. Even fit systems that use a manual jig only take around 15 mins to get a spot on measurement.

William Black [193 posts] 4 years ago

I wasn't sure if it was just going to be a 3hr long 'upsell' of Body Fit Shoes/gloves/inserts!