11 professional cyclists on Strava

From Marianne Vos to Alex Dowsett, here are some professional cyclists to follow on the social training website

by David Arthur   May 1, 2014  


Strava may divide opinion among cyclists, but one area where its appeal can't be ignored is the ability to follow any professional cyclists that choose to share their training rides and races to the training website. 

This has given as a level of transparency into the life of a pro cyclist that previously we could only dream about. Now it's easy to see just how much training a pro fits in every week, how fast they are - and how much faster than you they are. Which is humbling but also inspiring, and can act as a great motivator. 

There aren’t that many pros on Strava, we can only imagine most are too busy to get involved, or they just prefer not to share their activity data. Only a handful of teams actually use devices that are compatible with Strava too. That said, there are still quite a few if you have a look, which is exactly what we've done. Here then are 11 well-known pros. Just click on the heading to go to their Strava profile. 

Laurens ten Dam 

We first featured the Dutch rider when he rode to fifth place on stage eight of the Tour de France last year, while Chris Froome scarpered up the road alone for the stage victory. He's very active on Strava so a good one to follow.

Ted King 

The poster boy for Strava, the US pro on the Cannondale squad has been an active Strava user for some time now.

Niki Terpstra  

His victory at Paris-Roubaix earned Niki the title of the most ever kudos on Strava, so is certainly worth adding to your list of followed athletes.

Taylor Phinney 

The BMC rider, a fan of lace-up cycling shoes, long socks and interesting hair styles, is also actively sharing his training rides on Strava. Which is nice of him.

Marianne Vos 

She needs no introduction, one of the most successful cyclists in the sports history, so worth following.

Alex Dowsett 

Living and training in Essex, the Movistar rider and time trial specialist is a good one to follow and regularly uploads his training rides. Most of which we imagine include a stop at the Blue Egg cafe.

Emilia Fahlin  

Wiggle Honda rider Fahlin is a Swedish pro who finished 19th in the 2012 London Olympics road race, and 14th in the time trial.

Greg Van Avermaet 

The BMC rider has been active in the spring classics this year animating a lot of breaks but hasn’t clinched the win he deserves. That’s why he’s been too busy to update his Strava for a while, but it looks like he’s back on it now.

Joe Dombrowski 

Team Sky’s Dombrowski is an active Strava user, made easier now that Team Sky are using Garmin Edge GPS computers instead of the SRM Powermeters last year.

David Lopez 

Another Team Sky rider, the Spanish pro notches up the distance and uploads the majority to Strava. 23 hours a week people… Lopez is also on Instagram and his photos are linked to his Strava activities, a rather neat feature of the website, offering a further glimpse into the world of a professional cyclist.

Peter Hawkins 

UK professional with the Madison Genesis squad, Hawkins is a regular Strava user.

And while you're reading this, if you're on Strava why not join the road.cc group at www.strava.com/clubs/road-cc

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I'm aiming for some of Peter Hawkins' KOMs around Belfast when my friends and I visit next month.

ha ha ha ha. ha.

posted by DrJDog [186 posts]
1st May 2014 - 12:26


Daniel Lloyd is also on Strava and you can try to get his KOMs around the South.

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posted by mckechan [200 posts]
1st May 2014 - 13:04


As is Dean Downing Smile Love his uploads!

Merlin Cycles women's race team ~ http://www.merlincycles.com
Manx nerd peddler ~ http://mooleur.blogspot.com

mooleur's picture

posted by mooleur [542 posts]
1st May 2014 - 13:28


Russell Hampton too.

cidermart's picture

posted by cidermart [478 posts]
1st May 2014 - 14:23


I've seen Kristian House's name on some segments in the Cheshire/Staffordshire area.

Crosshouses's picture

posted by Crosshouses [229 posts]
1st May 2014 - 15:27


Strange to see this article alongside one where top cyclists are being targeted by bike thieves. I wonder if these two stories are related.

posted by greasyrider [13 posts]
1st May 2014 - 17:44


When I did LEJOG a couple of years ago, I found myself 2nd on the leaderboard on a lot of Cornwall climbs. First place was pro rider Chris Opie...

posted by crazy-legs [588 posts]
1st May 2014 - 17:58


Both Adam and Simon Yates are on Strava. They hold some of the biggest KOMs here in East Lancs.

YorkshireMike's picture

posted by YorkshireMike [81 posts]
1st May 2014 - 18:22


greasyrider wrote:
Strange to see this article alongside one where top cyclists are being targeted by bike thieves. I wonder if these two stories are related.

I had the same thought. Strava's new 'flyby' feature even makes it possible to track other people you pass while out riding. It ought to be an opt in feature but it's enabled by default. In theory you could just loiter in a popular spot with strava running, take note of any tasty machinery that passes and then compare your 'ride' on flyby later on. Anyone who has uploaded a ride that intersected with yours will show up, including their whole route. It's pretty dodgy.

joemmo's picture

posted by joemmo [936 posts]
2nd May 2014 - 5:50


Got one of these last year at the foot of Ventoux, if you're going to lose a KOM , has to be the best way to do it!

Gstar's picture

posted by Gstar [19 posts]
2nd May 2014 - 7:15


You need to include mooleur on your list Big Grin

Wesselwookie's picture

posted by Wesselwookie [158 posts]
2nd May 2014 - 8:15


Some of Marianne Vos's average speeds look quite, well, average. I think I could probably take her... no, really.

gazpacho's picture

posted by gazpacho [91 posts]
2nd May 2014 - 18:39


At last! Though I think we won't be able to compare our rides to the pub with these guys - rather more sedate in our kit from http://www.meccanicacycles.com/category/Clothing


posted by nwcyclist [11 posts]
4th May 2014 - 8:21


crazy-legs wrote:
When I did LEJOG a couple of years ago, I found myself 2nd on the leaderboard on a lot of Cornwall climbs. First place was pro rider Chris Opie...

Chris Opie can be found on many KOM in Cornwall. Define pro on there, as is Steve Lampier. Both are thoroughly decent guys and can be found training on the Cornish roads.

Cornish and proud

posted by cornishandproud [8 posts]
4th May 2014 - 18:49


You've published your ride publicly on Strava, hence you've opted in. If you've set appropriate privacy zones you've got nothing to worry about.

posted by Ham-planet [103 posts]
6th August 2014 - 22:20