Stuart Kerton

There’s nothing like a fat photo to get you exercising and it was Stu’s face trying to squeeze into the little box on his driving license that prompted the addiction to two wheels. Stood in Halfords, credit card in hand saw him go home with a Carrera Virtuoso and so the journey began. A friendly club and plenty of miles followed by six or so seasons of time-trialling (suited his low tolerance threshold to people, ie no team mates) to a decent level plus a few sportives chucked in for good measure.

Now with an ever expanding family the majority of the miles are taken care of by his 40 mile a day commute to his draughtsman job and thanks to writing for roadcc he no longer has to bore his work colleagues with the specs of every new bit of kit that is delivered. In twelve years and 90,000 miles, eighteen bikes have been bought, sold or crashed with his four current steeds being a 50/50 split of alloy and steel and a mix of gears and fixed. He can’t explain his fetish for LED lights though!!

Content by Stuart Kerton