Dawes '55' 56cm Reynolds 535 butted tubing. Suntour Luxe Group with Weinman brakes & UK made finishing kit. Everything works A1 but the paintwork needs some TLC. The 55 was made from 1978 to 1981 and only issued in the USA. It is not a touring bike and was designed to challenge the race brands. It failed miserably as after export and US competition taxes etc it cost twice as much as the equivalent Schwinn. Only around 390 were made, all in blue with Luxe groups. It would make a good winter bike, fixie or SS or you could restore it, I have done a Raleigh Ti and have a Kellogs Tour to do so this won't get done and I'm making some room. Weighs in at 10.5kg so good for training but light for a steel race bike. New tape but original 'bulb bud' plugs etc, levers all good, brakes fine. Tyres need changing.

Heavy use, scruffy but functional
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