Unfortunately I'm having to sell this frame right after collecting it... The frame was ordered around 6 months ago via a UK dealer of Nicolai Bikes who are based in Germany. Circumstances have changed in the waiting time which leaves me with no way to fund the build.

It's the Argon TR frame, specified as being for Urban/Commuting riding. The frames are handbuilt in Germany to an incredible standard of quality (just look at the photos) and a unique point is how the frame is anodised rather than painted to show all the machining marks and incredible detail that goes into one of these frames.

My intention was to build it with an Alfine geared hub and Gates Carbon Drive belt drive system. The belt, front sprocket and rear sprocket are also supplied in the sale and this is the newer Center Track type belt too.

The frame cost me £1150 and £250 for the Gates Carbon Drive components totalling the set up to £1400, this is an opportunity to get your hands on one without having to wait, these frames are incredibly rare and almost unique.

This has the potential to be an extremely unique bike if done right, I'm sad that I personally cannot see it through but know someone else out there will be able to complete the bike. I've worked out that the bike could be completed for around £1500 including an Alfine geared hub setup and plenty of Hope Tech components, I'm sure it can be built for much less if you don't use as many higher spec components.

See the photos above, all photos are taken by myself of the actual parts you will receive, these are not manufacturer photos. I will be glad to take more photographs if you need to see anything not shown.


More information on the frame can be found on Nicolais website here: http://www.nicolai.net/37-1-Argon+TR.html

And more info on the awesome Gates Carbon Drive is here: http://www.gates.com/


As shown below, PayPal is accepted for the posting of the bike but such a unique item may need to be seen beforehand. I live/work around the Manchester area and I'm happy to arrange a meet or visit if you would like to see it for yourself, message me if you would like to do this and I'll try to arrange it.

I can post it to the UK no problem and international postage can be arranged but accurate costs need to be quoted after receiving your address details first.

Feel free to ask any other questions you may have!
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