Choose either:
Cash purchase
2 years 0% finance
2 years lease (insurance and servicing included)

Just £99 deposit required for finance option.

Fulcrum Racing Quattros
Continental Ultra Sport 23c and Race 28 tubes
3T Ergosum Pro bars
Rear Derailleur:
Athena EPS 11 speed electronic group set
Athena EPS 11 speed electronic group set
Athena EPS with compact chain set and 12-25 cassette
Prologo Zero Ti 1.4 black/white
Seat post:
Aero seat post
Front Derailleur:
Athena EPS 11 speed electronic group set
full Monocoque tapered fork
Merak Evolution white line inc

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RobO [18 posts] 4 years ago

road.cc - pls can you block businesses using the classified ads to pedal their goods? Not good form...

Bike Swanky [66 posts] 4 years ago

Dear RobO,

Thank you for your observation. I understand how you may have concluded that something inappropriate was occurring. Please rest assured that each classified ad is reviewed by road.cc before it goes live here.

I've placed these bikes on here as, quite rightly, cyclists take umbridge at the cost of bikes and this is an opportunity to pay significantly less.

At the same time, some think companies should pay to advertise such bikes. Please bear in mind that advertising is very expensive and these (few) bikes are significantly discounted - therefore, there is not really a cost benefit equation that works to advertise these bikes.

Please also bear in mind that not all companies have limitless resources to meet your expectations. Fortunately, road.cc recognise that a little bit of support to small companies that are trying to make a difference in the cycling industry is both gratefully received and sometimes necessary.

You are always welcome to choose to ignore the post, or of course, you are always welcome to pay full price for a product negating the need for companies to discount at all.

In this instance, by virtue of our relationships, we're able to offer cyclists a discount plus finance options should they need it. We could equally offer the bikes at the same price on a private basis, but this way it is more transparent, don't you think?

On a personal note, the thing that does surprise me is the way that some individuals seem to want the service, support and the good prices but automatically complain when a company communicates it on any medium other than advertising. At the same time, those same individuals complain that magazines and online media have too much advertising.

It is a sad fact that it is often only these detractors who will actually give voice to their thoughts, on these sort of forums, which creates an inaccurate bias towards their opinion being in the majority, when it is often quite the opposite.

Before I started this business when I was a just a cyclist - much like I am now! - I was always supportive of any means by which I could get what I wanted, in as cost effective and least expensive manner as possible. It made it a whole lot easier to justify things to my wife for a start!

It is somewhat sad and unfortunate that you perceive a company offering you an opportunity is a bad thing. All cyclists want a good deal. Complaining when you see it is akin to "cutting your nose off to spite your face" somewhat.

Please do consider the bigger picture here. If companies are given a cost effective opportunity to let people know what they can offer then they can continue to make expensive bikes more affordable for cyclists. If not, then they go out of business and then you do not get the opportunities at all. It really is as straight-forward as that. At the same time, I whole-heartedly agree that this all has to be within reason. I'd suggest that less than a handful of bikes is well within reason.

The simple fact is that bike companies do not make lots of money, even if you believe that they do. Discounted bikes are not some trick way to "rip off" cyclists. What you see is what you get. The advantage in this instance over "normal" classified ads is that at least you get the follow up support and warranty as well as the payment options.

As I have already mentioned, you are more than welcome to ignore the classified ad. However, I would suggest that perhaps it is "not good form" to deny other cyclists the opportunity by requesting that something be "blocked" that in the overall scheme of things is entirely benign.

I hope that you have a great weekend's cycling and that nothing happens necessitating you to find an opportunity to get a good deal on a replacement bike.

Best regards,
Paul Mander-O'Beirne
Managing Director