My beloved winter/touring bike which I've built up over the years with various parts. The frameset is Spesh Tricross Expert (the full Tricross Expert was only available in the US I think, was about £2500 - I got the frame as a warranty replacement, which was way better than the frame it replaced   3 ). It was their cyclocross bike from a few years back - I don't think it's made anymore.

The frameset is about 4 years old, most of the rest is more recent than that. No doubt you could strip the mudguards off it, stick on some chunky tyres and it would be a cyclocross bike again - I've never used it off-road so it's in great nick, only for some commuting and winter-y riding. Got a few small marks but nothing really. I'm a big fan of a clean bike so it's been well maintained.

Selling it because I just rarely use it, having bought one of these disc-brake adventure bikes it's been in the garage all winter with about 2 outings. I also used it on a few touring holidays, got mounts for panniers and the triple chainring on the front was helpful going over the Galibier with 2 panniers full of cheese. I'm 5'6" and so probably suitable for similar.

50cm top-tube
48cm BB to TT
Campagnolo Zonda wheelset (bought May 2015) with 25mm Michelin Pro4 tyres
Tiagra groupset with LX long-cage rear mech
Triple front chainring 50-39-30
11-30 rear cassette
Prologo One Touch bartape
Full SKS mudguards
105 pedals (if you want them)
Brakes are canti style, with new pads. Got a spare set of pads too.

In New Mills, Derbyshire. The saddle in the photo won't be on it - I do have another saddle to replace that with if you want, but imagine saddles are a personal thing anyway.

50cm TT
Light use, some superficial damage


Zermattjohn [227 posts] 3 months ago