Chariot Cougar 2 trailer with stroller conversion, infant sling, and baby supporter.
Selling our much loved trailer/stroller, as now outgrown. (Actually it's been cluttering up the garage for a while)
Extremely useful piece of kit, rolls well on 20 inch wheels when a trailer. As a stroller it can be manoeuvred with one hand. Leaf spring suspension, adjustable as the payload changes, makes it very comfortable for the passengers. I'm basing this statement on fact both of my kids fell asleep on most journeys, and I don't recall many complaints about comfort either.
Can used with one or two children. (only 10cm wider than the cougar 1 single version).
Axle mounted ball and socket hitch, replaces existing quick release, for quick and easy hook up and unhooking. Two hitches included, so changing between bikes no problem. In the photo the secondary safety strap is hanging down to allow a better view of the hitch.
Conversion to a stroller takes seconds. I used to ride to town, convert, shop, convert back, and ride home, much quicker than walking.
Folds down for transport, with no more of a faff than any other double pushchair.
Bought in 2006, so has the spring loaded system for clipping the towing arm and stroller wheels in and out.
The infant sling meant we could put our youngest in, as a stroller, from about 1 month old, and a bike trailer on road a few months later. His big brother (2 years older) could sit alongside, no problem. With a maximum payload of 45kg it was in use until no 1 son was at least 6, from when he was about 10 months old
Slight rip to fabric of the boot/luggage compartment at the rear. Tried to show on photo. The boot will take 2 packets of nappies (28 packs) or 6 bottles of wine no problem.
Manufacturers website
Collect from Camberley, Surrey. Courier at cost, I can deliver for mileage.

1 or 2 kids
Medium use, starting to show its age
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matty c [21 posts] 3 years ago

Is this still for sale. i've sent you an email.