13 great cycling gadget gift ideas for the gadget mad cyclist in your life

If you’re looking to give the cyclist in your life the gift of gadgetry this Christmas you're in luck because there are plenty of cycling gadgets available to meet many different cycling needs, from GPS computers to action cameras. Here’s a selection of the best cycling gadgets to stick in their Christmas stocking… maybe not all of them at, well unless they've been very good this year indeed.

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See.Sense lights £79.99 (front/rear set)


The See.Sense light is cleverer than your average bicycle light. Using in-built sensors, it automatically adjusts the brightness and flashes faster when it detects approaching vehicles (from their headlights) or when you’re slowing down at a junction or traffic lights.

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Powertap P1 power meter pedals £999

powertap p1.jpg

Give the gift of power this Christmas. A power meter is probably near the top of most performance minded cyclists wish list this Christmas, and Powertap has put its expertise into a new pedal-based power meter, so you can measure left and right power.

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Shimano Sport Camera CM-100 £179.99


Compact video cameras are ideal for recording your daily commute or your favourite descents around your local roads, and Shimano’s camera is reasonably priced, very small and lightweight. It records 1080p HD video with a choice of capture angles, is waterproof and sealed against the dirt, and comes with a selection of mounts.

Garmin Varia Smart Radar £219.99

Garmin Varia radar and head unit.jpg

Better known for cycling computers, Garmin’s new Varia Radar alerts you to approaching cars from behind and increases the brightness of the rear light, or flashes much faster. You get a rear light and stem-mounted radar display which can display up to eight approaching cars.

More info

Apple Watch Sport £299

apple watch sport.png

Offering the fitness tracking tools of a basic fitness band including heart rate monitoring and accelerometers,, the Apple Watch Sport can keep track of your chosen exercise activity, and synced to an iPhone it’ll use the GPS and data connection to allow you to use the Strava app to share your bike rides on social media. One feature that will satisfy Strava addicts (you know who you are) is real-time segment information.

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Hammerhead One $85 ($25 international shipping)


Offering navigation without the traditional computer display, the Hammerhead simply uses a strip of LED lights that provide turn-by-turn directions. Connects to a smartphone app so you can download a route, and there's a front light integrated into the device for night-time visibility.

GoPro Hero 4 Session £249.99

gopro hero4 session 3.jpg

Light and compact, the Hero 4 Session is GoPro’s smallest ever action camera, which means it’s even less noticeable when attached to your bike, helmet or body. Despite its diminutive size, it still records in 1080p HD video at 60fps and the case is waterproof and designed to be rugged, so it should survive some rough and tumble. It’s compatible with all the regular GoPro mounts as well.

- GoPro launches Hero4 Session, its smallest ever video camera

Gaggia Gran Prestige coffee machine £169

gaggia gran prestige.jpg

Cyclists love coffee right, so why not invest in a proper coffee machine so you can get a decent shot of espresso before you set off for a ride, and Italian manufacturer Gaggia is the go-to brand for coffee aficionados.

Hovding’s airbag helmet £249


If you’re concerned about safety when cycling, then the Hovding airbag cycle helmet might be of interest. The unique design automatically inflates when it senses you’re in having an accident, and the collar inflates to fork a protective hood.

- Swedish company unveils airbag cycle helmet

Revolights City Wheels £199


These wheel-mounted LEDs are a natty way to add extra visibility to your bicycle if you live in the town or city and cycle to work in the dark. You get a pack of eight LEDs power wheel generating 35 lumens, white for the front, red for the back wheel, and come pre-installed on a wheel, with a choice of 700c or 26in wheel sizes.

iceDot Crash Sensor £85.59

ICEdot Crash Sensor and Band - sensor detail_0.jpg

Small and unobtrusively mounted to the back of a cycling helmet, the innovative ICEdot Crash Sensor uses onboard sensors (accelerometer and gyroscope) to detect an impact from a crash and uses Bluetooth to sync to a smartphone to alert emergency contacts setup in the online account that contains basic information on the cyclist.

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Fly6 rear light/video camera £99

Fly6 The New Fly6.jpg

The Fly6 is a unique gadget in that it combines a rear light with an integrated video camera, so you can film while you're riding. Why might you want to film what's behind you? The inventors came at the idea from a safety angle and reckon other road users behave differently if they know they're being filmed. It films at 1280x720 resolution, the light outputs 30 Lumens with three modes and four dimming options and lasts for up to 6 hours.

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Mio Cyclo 200 GPS computer £150

Mio Cyclo 200 bicycle navigation device.jpg

GPS has transformed the humble cycling computer and the compact Mio Cyclo 200 is this company’s newest offering, providing easy-to-use navigation and comes with road maps and cycle paths helpfully pre-installed.

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What's on your Christmas list?

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2 Wheeled Idiot [432 posts] 2 weeks ago

Could we have a whole gift idea thing for tight @rses that dont want to spend more than like £20?

ashfanman [110 posts] 2 weeks ago
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2 Wheeled Idiot wrote:

Could we have a whole gift idea thing for tight @rses that dont want to spend more than like £20?


oliverjames [51 posts] 2 weeks ago

I'll second that. Gifts in the 20 - 50£ price range please.

David Arthur @d... [642 posts] 2 weeks ago

2 Wheeled Idiot wrote:

Could we have a whole gift idea thing for tight @rses that dont want to spend more than like £20?

Working on that right now, just for you

MrWigster [8 posts] 2 weeks ago

The Mobius camera is a much better purchase than that Shimano...


ianrobo [996 posts] 2 weeks ago

Not sure the Apple watch should be on the list. Without GPS totally dependent on your phone, unlike other models out there not useful for cyclists and at least £100 more than competitiors

tonylen [36 posts] 2 weeks ago

Plenty of lights that detect braking,radar that detects cars,gizmos to make your wheels bright,airbag helmets and more lights etc etc-if I showed my wife this list she'd be terrified of my daily commute 

getshust [2 posts] 2 weeks ago

If looking for an inexpensive cyclist gift, check out www.kustomcaps.com!