You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good road bike, as this collection of affordable options shows

If you're keen to get into road cycling, for the fun of zooming round the lanes, for fitness or as a quick and cheap way to get to work, it is possible to buy a road bike for under £500. In fact, we've found a few bargains starting from just under £200, proving you really don't need to spend a fortune to get a good road bike these days.

It’s quite likely that if you’re reading this you’re looking at buying your first road bike. You’ll probably have a lot of questions. A good place to start is always a well stocked bike shop where you can view the bikes in your budget and get a good idea of what is offered.

Road bikes priced under £500 often feature light and stiff aluminium or steel frames with good quality gears and brakes. Japanese firm Shimano is the predominant component choice at this end of the market, and the good news is that a lot of the technology seen higher up the ladder eventually trickles down to the entry level.

Weight is the main area where entry-level bikes suffer. However, with compact or triple chainsets, and the wider range of gears they offer, getting up steep hills is made easier. As a general rule, the more you spend the lighter the bike will be. Closer to £500 and you can expect a carbon fibre fork which saves weight and offers improved performance over the steel and aluminium forks on cheaper bikes.

There are currently some amazing deals around as retailers clear out 2015 models to make space for 2016 bikes, which means a limited budget goes a long way.

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£200 and under

If your budget is this tight looking for a second hand bargain is something you should seriously consider (head over to e-bay our our own classifieds for a look), but if it has to be new if you shop around for discount bargains during the winter you might find something.

Mizani Aero 100 — £187.99

Mizani Aero

Head to the Argos website and you can get this Mizani Aero 100 for just £188. Unlike some inexpensive road bikes, it's available in several sizes, which is immediately far more appealing, as getting the right size bike is so important to cycling happiness.


Spend just a bit more and you get a whole lot more bike. Lighter, better equipped, and we're willing to bet nicer to ride too. This is a price point where the big specialist retailers are really able to flex their buying muscle for your benefit, and combine it with design knowledge to deliver the maximum bang for your buck.

It's no coincidence that both Decathlon and Halfords in-house brands figure strongly here. This is also a price point at which you can pick up a really good discount bargain at the right time of the year, something we've reflected in our pick of bikes here.

Decathlon B'Twin Triban 500 — £280

French-based international sport store chain Decathlon has a wide range of keenly-priced road bikes of which the Triban 500 stands out for under £300.

You get a good quality aluminium alloy frame and lightweight components. Most significantly you get a really wide range of gears thanks to the triple chainset and eight rear sprockets.

On paper that means you get 24 gears, but in practice there is lots of overlap between ranges from the three chainrings. What matters isn't the number, but that the small ring gives you lower gears for easier hill-climbing.

Carrera Zelos — £299

There are plenty of bikes costing under £500 at Halfords, and pick of the bunch is this Carrera Zelos. It's currently discounted to £299 from £449, so it's a bit of a bargain if you act quickly. It features an aluminium frame built up with a 14-speed Shimano groupset and Tektro dual pivot brakes.

Barracuda Corvus - £279.10

Barracuda's Corvus I is the entry-level in their range and cost £299.95 (but can be found cheaper) It features an alloy frame with a smart paint finish and decals, with a 14-speed groupset comprising a Shimano Tourney chainset and rear mech. It uses Shimano's rarely seen A050 bar-mounted shifters, a 7-speed system, that places the shifting levers within easy reach on top of the handlebars.

£300 to £500

Step up to this price bracket and the choice suddenly increases, with some of the bigger manufacturers now coming into contention, especially the more you approach the £500 mark. Most of the bikes at this price, though not all, will feature an aluminium frame, which makes for a lighter bike. Get closer to £500 and you can expect to see the fork be upgraded to a carbon firbe fork, saving further weight and improving the performance.

B'Twin Triban 500 SE — £299 (usually £330)

Probably one of the best performance and value bikes in this whole price range, the B'TwinTriban 500 SE road bike costs just £330 and for that you get a clean looking aluminium frame, carbon fork and 3 x 8 Microshift drivetrain, for an all up weight of 10.08kg (22.4lb). There are no unwelcome shortcuts in the finishing detail and it rides much like a race-bred bike, making it an ideal first road bike for anyone with sporty intentions. You can read our review to find out how much we rated it.

Pinnacle Dolomite One 2015 Women's Road Bike — £360

Pinnacle is the in-house brand of retailer Evans Cycles, and the Dolomite is their entry-level road bike, starting at £450, though it's currently on offer for £400. You get a 6061 aluminium frame and fork with road race geometry. A Shimano Tourney A070 groupset combines a compact chainset with a 12-28t cassette for a wide spread of gears.

A nice detail of this bike is that is has space for 28mm tyres which provide a bit for comfort and wet-weather grip than the usual 28mm rubber. You can even fit mudguards, though the maximum tyre size then drops to 25mm. That gives it quite a bit more versatility than many of the other bikes on this page, and makes it ideal for regular commuting if you want to stay dry.

Boardman Road Sport — £349.99 (usually £449.99)

It's fair to say the Boardman Road Sport is a bike that impressed us a great deal when we reviewed it. Enough in fact that it was our Budget Bike of the Year 2013-14 and came third in the overall Bike of the Year Awards. You get a 7005 double-butted aluminium frame with a Shimano 2300 groupset and FSA Tempo compact chainset.

The Road Sport comes in a slightly more relaxed, sportive-friendly geometry than a full-on race bike; the top tube is a little shorter and the head tube is a little longer — not massively but enough to add extra comfort without sacrificing too much efficiency. You get mounts for mudguards too so it's very versatile. This is a seriously impressive bike for the money — not just a good bike for £450 but a good bike full stop. And at the current special offer price, it's a total bargain.

Giant Defy 5 — £299.99 (usually £499)

Giant is one of the biggest and most well-known bike brands in the world, and the £499 Defy 5 is the most affordable road bike in the range. Thanks to technology trickling down from Giant's more expensive models, the Defy 5 is packed full of potential. It offers an Aluxx aluminium frame with an aluminium fork, Shimano Claris 16-speed groupset, FSA Tempo compact chainset and 25mm tyres for extra comfort. The Defy range of bikes have higher handlebars for a more comfortable riding position, nice if you're just getting into cycling.

Vitus Bikes Razor VR — £489.99 (usually £649.99)

Vitus Bikes Razor VR
A great example of the bargains that are currently around, the Razor VR has Shimano Sora components hung on an aluminium frame with a carbon fork. It's pretty good value at its usual price, but for under £500 it's one to snap up before they change their minds.

Features include Sora 18-speed transmission, and plenty of space in the frame for mudguards, pls the necessary eyelets in the frame. You can fit a rack too, making the Razor VR a sharp commuter.

Mango Bikes Point R R240 - £449.99

From a brand that started out with a singlespeed offering comes this brand new Point R aluminium road bike, available at four prices. This, at £449.99 with a Shimano Claris groupset, is the most affordable in the range; there's also a Sora version for £499.99 The frame has a very modern appearance. Smooth welds, curved tubes and internal cable routing. The bike comes fitted with 25mm tyres, and it'll go wider. We reviewed the top-of-the-range Shimano 105 model and were very impressed. 

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Vegita8 [45 posts] 1 month ago

I don't think it is realistic to believe that these are bargains. They cost exactly the same all year around so this is pretty much what they worth.

Duncann [263 posts] 1 month ago
Vegita8 wrote:

I don't think it is realistic to believe that these are bargains. They cost exactly the same all year around so this is pretty much what they worth.

The Boardman and Giant look like good deals. The Decathlon bikes are often discounted a bit but Halfords are worst with their own brand Carreras (and Apollos, although those aren't worth the money at any price). It's like supermarket wine - it might be alright for the money but it was never worth what they claim it previously cost. Caveat emptor!

stevie63 [47 posts] 1 month ago

Also that Barracuda bike using the terrible thumb shifter thingies is hardly a bargain as it is at least £100 overpriced.

burtthebike [146 posts] 1 month ago
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Really surprised that you even feature the Mizani Aero 100, with it's extremely dangerous bar mounted shifters. I've ridden a bike with these precisely once, and to be honest, they are so awful I think they should be banned.

Any bike equipped with these is no bargain, and they are a useful quick definition of BSO.

Perhaps road.cc would like to do a road test of a bike with these and then recommend them? I know what I'd recommend them for!

AJ101 [253 posts] 2 weeks ago

Some good bikes there a first timer can't really go wrong with these Tribans as they can get measured up properly.