I am not your typical stag do kind of guy. Partying and boozing aren't on my radar (I claim my bad drinking is down to not having a full set of kidneys... not sure if that is true), something which has been putting me under pressure in the run up to my wedding next April.

But could a cycling trip be a possible solution to keep the groom happy (and away from wandering around Budapest dressed as a chicken?).

Regular readers will know that I got Tour de France'd up this summer with my future outlaws having a holiday home in Catalunya. That very same piece of bricks and mortar could be the key to me doing what I want in my last "weekend of freedom" before the big day.

There are a couple of good routes around Girona which are under consideration. The main one being the climb up to the Angel from Bispal. It descends into the city and runs up to the Ramblas without too much urban riding.

Girona Ramblas is much more relaxed that is Barcelona counterpart and has the Irish bar made famous as the base for Garmin-Slipstream fans. The city is also famous for a whole host of pro-riders who have lived and do live there.

Bradley Wiggins, Lance Armstrong, George Hincapie, Dan Martin, David Millar and so on.

Being based on the coast means access to the spctacular run down from Saint Feillu to Tossa (unfortunate name but lovely resort) de Mar. This area of coastline was where I enjoyed the Tour from and with a rugged coastline and dense pine forests to ride through I am hopeful that this could prove a descent early season challenge.

Click here for the route.

So if it is down to me, a small group will be formed and a road trip completed.

Adventure and drama guaranteed and plenty of opportunity for some relaxed matey miles.


Or a trip to Prague.


What would you do?

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Tony Farrelly [2929 posts] 8 years ago

It's your stag do Jimmy - if you want to ride your bike do it! I know of a guy who did a ride across the Picos de Europa with a group of mates for his stag do, and I've heard of a few people combining beer and cycling on dos to Belgium to tackle pave and weird beers with fruit in them

dave atkinson [6360 posts] 8 years ago

I went on a mate's stag do a few weeks back and we went mtbing at Afan for the afternoon. Everyone - including people who had never even ridden a canal path – completed the penhyrdd and everyone had a great time. just goes to show - you don't need to convince people to like bikes, just to ride them. when they ride them, they like them!

DaveP [412 posts] 8 years ago

My stag do started with a 'taster' session at the Manchester Velodrome and finished with a meal in China town. Best of both worlds.  4

Simon_MacMichael [2509 posts] 8 years ago

I can't believe that my brother decided a Comedy Club was the perfect place to go on his stag night.

Or trusted his best man (not me) enough to think that he wouldn't pass on to the MC the story of the first time his now wife came to stay, and as she rang the doorbell he realised that he'd forgotten all about hiding his collection of, shall we say, adult literature  3

And had to enlist my Mum's help to get it all shifted pronto  4

Got by far the biggest laugh of the night, that did...

But yeah, follow your instincts, it's your last weekend before starting a new life, and if cycling with mates somewhere nice is what you want to do, go for it!