Gained in translation

by Tony Farrelly   September 7, 2009  


I didn't have the heart to tell him… 

Not sure if anyone did, although he must have wondered why so many people wanted to take a picture of his logo.

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Ha ha!
What a stupid +watt

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posted by jobysp [145 posts]
8th September 2009 - 12:17

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That is superb.
: P

posted by Pierre [79 posts]
8th September 2009 - 23:29

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I sat there for 5 mins thinking "whats so funny about plus watt?" - Confused

Rode the E'Tape Caledonia - first sportiv ever and thoroughly enjoyed it

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posted by badbunny [71 posts]
9th September 2009 - 8:31

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When he realisd he must have felt a bit of a...


posted by OldRidgeback [2114 posts]
9th September 2009 - 8:46

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