Greetings all. It is a funny old day today with me still thinking it is Monday.

Oh how the bank holidays confuse me.

It has been a bit of a frustrating one for me. Not only are my football club (and by my, I mean the one I support) about to cark it again, but my training was curtailed by me falling down stairs at home.

Apart from a large amount of bruising and a lump on my left arm I have been very lucky not to have serious injury.

I was stiff and sore enough to want a day off the bike yesterday so went picking blackberries instead of banging in more miles.

The downtime has allowed me to get on with further enhancements to my mileage log on the new British Cycling website and I have now figured out how to start a group for supporters of the upcoming Team Sky.

You can view it here and British Cycling website members can join if they are logged into the site. Other users will have to register.

I wasn't even cheered up by watching the Vuelta yesterday afternoon. The Virgin+ box managing to cut off its recording as the riders hurtled into the last kilometer.

Fingers crossed September will start in a more positive way!

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