Credit is needed where its due. Regular readers may remember that I was pretty harsh in this blog when it came to the move over of EverydayCycling to the British Cycling Website.

It is fair to say that my mood took further turns for the worst in the weeks that followed the new site going live.

For a miles buff like me it was greatly disturbing to see rubbish data and trying to update a slow un-user friendly website.

Fortunately the British Cycling team in Manchester were very helpful in taking note of the issues I was having and I can now confirm that after a few final teething troubles my members page on their site is up and running.

My miles back from 2006 to the present day are all present and correct and I am now able to go back and compare like for like information.

I know I sound a bit of  moany arse in keep hassling them, but the British Cycling website in its new form will only be the resource they want it to be if people are willing to help with its development.

Yes I was frustrated and their inability to get it right first time, but the site is awesome now and I hope that further developments will be forthcoming to make it even more useful to members.

James has been blogging for road.cc for 5 years and racing bicycles (averagely) for 20 years.