It was surprisingly breezy evening in Yaxley as returning Clarionistas Paul Griffin and Steven Milne and I met up to have a ride around the fens and Northamptonshire bergs.

We zipped across Holme fen in the cross wind before heading over the A1 flyover at Conington (what did we use to do before they were built?). It was through the back roads of Glatton and up the hill out to the Bullock Road.

The wind was nagging but not as strong as it had been as we zipped along towards Ashton Forest. The newly resurfaced road through Lutton got tested out before a sharp left at Washingley cross roads.

Paul cheated on the descent towards Morborne cross. Pedalling on the downhill is prohibited on our rides. We try to simulate the old end of season freewheeling competition at Collyweston (although without having our cranks tied to the frame to prevent cheating) to see who can get the craziest position on the bike.

Mr Griffin was in the big ring pedalling hard as the pace shot up to well over 30mph.

We took the final right off the Bullock Road (before Elton Furze) and headed up the steep way into Haddon. Only about 400 metres in length it certainly makes up for it in severity although the big ring theme remained.

It was then a case of hauling ass back to Yaxley via the A1 underpass and the A15 into the village.

Good ride in lovely weather!


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