Stop off at the bakers on the way home.

Already scanning the shelves as I walk in the door I see nothing of any use to me behind the glass, it is late on a Saturday afternoon, stocks may be low.

"Can I help you?"
"Yes, do you have..."
Eyes dart to the right where I spy a rack of Belgian Buns.
"That. That. That's exactly what I want, one of those please"
Point, point, point. Point.

"That's the most enthusiastic asking for a bun I've ever heard"

Consider explaining that I've been thinking about this bun for the last 15 miles, hallucinating even. And it may just get me home. Maybe. And if there weren't any buns I'd have been rocking gently in the corner, crying.

Just smile sweetly and pay.

"Would you like that in a bag?"
"No need"

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TheHatter [770 posts] 8 years ago

Belgian Bun... fine choice.
though I'm also rather partial to a chelsea bun.

hammergonewest [105 posts] 8 years ago

Partial as I am to a bit of Belgian bun action - can't help feeling that this particular specimen looks more like a pizza with a cherry on it at this range

Trek Sal [52 posts] 8 years ago

You weren't at the bakers on Saturday, surely?  39
Today, I reckon.
Or rather, yesterday, strictly speaking.

LesBianchi [16 posts] 8 years ago

Last week I spent the final 20 miles of a ride dreaming about the left-over mashed-potato in the fridge.

Belgian Bun, you don't know how lucky you are!
Kids today, etc, etc...

BananaDrama [35 posts] 8 years ago

It does look a bit like the scab I picked off my knee.