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by Flo K   June 7, 2009  


I have ridden 30 miles today on my single speed; it’s really direct, lively and simple by its very nature, which is what I love!

If you love pedalling then there is no escaping the joy and connection you feel with the ride, it can be hard work, but it’s about effort V reward.

I took in Bristol Bike Fest on route; it was great to see our fat tyred brethren hammering the single track, getting caked in mud and loving it!

I actually rode my Kona Paddy Wagon complete with Halo Courier Twin Rail tyres off road through the MTB trails in Leigh Woods. I have to admit I did shoulder it twice over the largest obstacles in true cyclo-cross fashion.

The tyres are surprisingly good in the ruff stuff, durable and grippy.

A great ride, really varied in terrain, ranging from grass tracks to fire roads and tarmac and all within the limits of one of the UK’s largest cities.

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What ratio have you got on the Paddy Waggon? And how did you find that offroad?

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posted by AdamML [72 posts]
8th June 2009 - 9:51


32, 16, pretty mid ratio, which is great for spinning on the towpath or pushing it along on the road. Offroad you work hard but you can hammer as long as it's not that rough.

posted by Flo K [178 posts]
8th June 2009 - 20:12


having ridden the bristol bike fest i recognise that fire road... *not* as flat as it looks in the pic as i recall!

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posted by purplecup [233 posts]
8th June 2009 - 21:09

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